"I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for all you did for me. Sometimes a seed is sown that takes a little longer to germinate and grow, such was the case with me. But as I face reality that I am now (literally) HALF the woman I was before, having lost 230 whopping pounds now. You’re still the one who sowed the seed. I am still practicing yoga and my love of yoga will always have a part of you in my heart, thanks for all the time, energy and love you invested in me. Namaste"

"In the two years that I have been taking yoga therapy from Nancy I have noticed considerable improvement in my strength, muscle tone and general sense of well being. Her individualized program is designed to address my body's weaknesses and build on its strengths, as well as develop my ability to concentrate and focus on the various poses. Her analytical approach and infinite patience make her sessions enjoyable as well as helpful and I look forward to further progress and a healthy and productive future ~Health and Fitness Member and yoga student"
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