Small Group classes, catering to the needs of the group 2-4 people maximum. A custom practice based on the desires and needs of the group. For example: Yin Yoga group will participate in a typical Yin Yoga class. This class consists of deep long stretches that are practiced on the floor. Poses are held 1-3 minutes depending on individual ability. These small group classes can also be designed as a "course". For example: a couple or three friends are all beginners and want to learn all the aspects of a yoga practice; breathing, meditation, poses and relaxation.

The course can be 6-8 weeks depending on needs of the group. A typical class is 75-90 minutes and costs $80 for group of 2-4 people for one class. Because of the benefits of a consistent practice I will offer a discount of $60 with the prepaid commitment of 6 classes. Classes include bottled water, all props and a personal mat for you to keep.
Semi Private Class
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